Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Seven Ways to Have Fun on a Snow Day!

Well, here we are in March, and it's our first official snow day in quite some time. What can you do with an unexpected day with your child? Here are a few easy, free ideas that don't require you to leave your house!

1. Have a picnic -- Sometimes you just need to mix things up a bit, so spread out a blanket and enjoy your lunch on the floor!

2. Play in the snow -- Obviously, going out in the snow is always a blast for kids, but if it's too cold or your kids aren't feeling that great, bring the snow inside. Grab a bowl, small plastic tub, or bucket and fill it with snow. Spread out a blanket and grab some big spoons and measuring cups. Instant indoor snow fun! You could also try snow in the bathtub!

3. Play with pasta -- We all have boxes of pasta or rice hanging around, right? Pour some in a plastic tub and let your child explore. Measuring cups are great for scooping and pouring. You could also hide small toys inside and go on a treasure hunt!

4. Fold the laundry -- Even though this is one of my least favorite chores, my girls love it! Challenge your child to sort by colors or to match socks. Or, let him hang out in the laundry basket while you put clothes away.

5. Build a fort -- Get out some blankets, pillows, and chairs, and build a fort. This is a great way to make tunnels for gross motor play when you are stuck inside. It's also a fun new place to share a favorite book!

6. Bake -- A snow day is the perfect day to whip up some cookies or Rice Krispie treats. Let your child help with pouring and mixing. You can also practice reading the recipe together! Plus, who doesn't love a tasty treat?

7. Watch a signed story -- If you are needing a break or some quiet time, check out our signed stories on YouTube!

I hope you are enjoying your snow day! You can also follow me on pinterest for other fun ideas!

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