Friday, March 16, 2012

Sensory Bottles

This week, we had a great time using empty water bottles to make sensory bottles for our science center.  This is a fun an easy project to try at home as well!  The great thing about sensory bottles is that anything goes.  You really can't mess them up.  Here are a couple of the sensory bottles we made this week...

  • Water with green food coloring and glitter.  Fun to shake up and turn into a glittery snow globe.
  • Water with food coloring and baby oil.  This makes a wave bottle, or you can shake it to mix the water and oil and watch them separate.  Please note, baby oil can be toxic if ingested.  If your child tends to put things in his mouth, I would use vegetable oil instead.
  • Rice with sequins, buttons, and foam shapes.  This is great for shaking or for a fun I-spy game.
There are tons of different sensory bottles you can make.  Put just about anything into a bottle and see what happens!

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